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Restaurace The Crow’s Nest

Grab a signature Marble Hill Mango Margarita and watch the sunset from our deck at The Crow’s Nest Restaurant. We offer a wide variety of local, European, and American food and drink options.We serve to both our guests and walk in customers. Try our amazing food and succumb to the atmosphere of The Crow’s Nest. This is also a good place to meet the locals on Wednesday afternoon.

Guests, who are staying with us, will receive a la carte breakfast that includes anything from typical baliadas, corn tortillas w/ spicy beans and eggs, English breakfasts, omelet w/ mozzarella and tomatoes, crunchy croissants w/ our own jams and jellies, fresh fruits, homemade pastries, fresh juices or iced tea, and hondurian coffee. Enjoy a peanut butter and jelly sandwich made from our very own jams and jellies… hibiscus, mango and pineapple. Yummy! Some of our rooms have a kitchenette where you have the option of cooking your own meals as well.

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To reach Jana, the manager, you can call her local number at: +504 3335 5409

Other Dining Options For Guests

There are other restaurants within driving distance for those who want to explore. It is recommended that you inquire with staff during your stay since hours of operation vary.

Marble Hill Farms

Diamond Rock, Coxen Hole, Honduras
Phone: +504 3335 5409
Phone: +504 3369 0777
Call for FREE from USA and CA: +184 4871 6251
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