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Jam and Jelly Tasting

Marble Hill Farms has been known for its homemade, homegrown, all-natural jams and jelly since the early 90′s. We are proud to be serving the same, beloved jams and jellies to our guests, patrons and friends. Please come over for a tasting of our #1 selling Hibiscus Jelly or our Mutton Pepper Jam. You can also taste some of these flavors at our restaurant, The Crows Nest, through our signature dishes! Below is a list of our current flavors.

To reach Jana, the manager, you can call her local number at: +504 3335 5409

Hibiscus Jelly - made from the enchanting island flower
Guava Butter Jam - made from guava fruit and a perfect spread for toast
Apple Banana Butter - made with small and sweet island bananas
Mutton Pepper Jelly - featuring the chili cabro…its got some kick
Island Plum Jelly - a sweet plum found on the property
Key Lime Pineapple Jam - great on everything
Mango Chutney - you’ll love this sweet, flavorful accompaniment
Mango Orange Jam - this is wonderful on everything from toast to fish
Mango Pineapple Jam - a blend of two great fruits
Pineapple Jam - simple and straight forward
Tamarind Jelly - one of the most unique flavors we offer
Hot Sauce - a mango based sauce with incredible flavor
Island Mustard - full of seeds and perfect on a sandwich
Salsa Picante - fresh and tasty, a necessity for any chip

Marble Hill Farms

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