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Where is Roatan?

Roatan is a beautiful, Caribbean island just North of Honduras. It is most popular for its amazing scuba diving on the second largest reef system in the world. Roatan is a tourist island, and strikingly different from mainland Honduras. It is very safe here, do not worry.


What other wildlife will I see in Roatan?

Marble Hill Farms is a perfect destination for those who love exotic animals. Along with 2 resident dogs, 3 cats, and sheeps, you can see flocks of wild parrots, numerous other kinds of birds, butterflies, iguanas, island rabbits, and armadillos around your rooms. You can visit the national park, reserve parks, animal rescue centres, and an iguana farm while on the island as well.


Where is the central hub of Roatan?

Coxen Hole is the main destination due to the airport, government offices, and the original cruise ship dock.  ATMs are becoming more widespread and the closest ones to Marble Hill farms are in French Harbour. Be cautious and keep personal belongings close when travelling into Coxen Hole.


Where can I get groceries?

Oak Ridge, about 10 minutes by car, offers basic groceries, numerous fruit and veggie stores, street food, and a gas station. French Harbour, about 25 minutes from Marble Hill Farms, is home to Eldon’s Grocery Store, general stores, a gas station, and amazing street food! Beliadas are a combination of homemade tortilla, red beans, cheese, cream, and sometimes egg. Together with pastelitos they are the most popular and delicious street food on the island!


What is the currency and exchange rate from US to Honduran dollars?

Lempira are the national currency in Honduras. The exchange rate is steady at about 24 lempira to a dollar. The whole island accepts US dollars, you do not need to exchange US dollars to Lempiras.


What are the different ethnicities on the island?

The largest percentage of islanders are of Indian or Spanish descent. Spanish is predominately spoken amongst islanders. Roatan was once predominately black. Most of the people of African ancestry on Roatan are English speaking. The Garifuna tribe speaks their native African language of Garifuna and Spanish.


What should I expect when I enter the country and go through customs?

You will need your passport to travel to Roatan. Your passport will be stamped upon entering the country and you can legally stay 60 - 90 days. 


What should I bring with me?

Please do bring eco-friendly bug spray, bathing suits, and scuba gear. Please do not bring spear guns, non-disposable cans of OFF, or specific foods that will be confiscated.


Should I rent a car?

Highly recommended. Marble Hill Farms can help with rental car or arrange taxi to and from the airport if needed (approx. $35 per trip and maximum 4 passengers in a car). If you would like to visit other parts of the island it is nice to have a car but you can always take a taxi for an island tour. If you decide to rent, bring your passport with you at all times and keep a copy of it in the car. The police set up frequent road blocks and stop people at random. Road conditions vary (specialy in rainy season) and it is reccomended not to rent mopeds.


What is the climate like?

Roatan’s hot season is typically between the months of April - August while the rainy season is between November-February. Temperatures can get cool at night during the rainy season and a rain jacket is advised.


Are there mosquitoes?

The island has mosquitoes (specialy during tropical rainy season) and small bugs called sand flies that do bite. Bug sprays work on the sand flies, but needs to be applied often. Many people start taking vitamin B-12 to keep the bugs away. Staying at the beaches during dawn and dusk is not advised to avoid bites.


Is it dog friendly?

We always have a number of security dogs (who are extremely friendly and most of the day run free), cats and sheeps on the property. We do not accept pets at the rooms or restaurant. 


Are there hospitals or clinics on the island?

There is a doctor and pharmacy in Oak Ridge (10 minutes by car). Cemesa Hospital at French Harbour (25 minutes), Woods Medical Center in Coxen Hole and Hyperbaric Chamber in West End area. 


Should I take anti-malaria medication?

This is a personal preference but many doctors suggest getting the yellow fever, typhoid and tetanus shots. If you decide to take malaria medication expect some negative side effects. If you don’t like taking medication, wear slacks and bug spray to avoid bites.


Can I drink the water?

Do not drink tap water on the island. Bring a reusable water bottle with you and refill it anytime in your room, main house, dive center or restaurant. Otherwise, bottled water is suggested at all times.

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